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Social Distancing and Mental Health

In what I consider to be an event of biblical proportions, we as a planet have entered into an unknown era. The mass spread of COVID19 across the world has resulted in an impact like no one has seen in our lifetime. The world, as we know it, has stopped.

Aside from the medical health crisis this has threatened us with, there has also been serious implications to mental health of ourselves and our loved ones. People with pre-existing mental health and substance abuse issues are at a greater risk now than ever for symptoms that pose a risk to their lives. With in person twelve-step meetings canceled, clinics closing their doors, and families being kept at home with limited resources and support, it is certainly a praying time.

So, what can we do? It is crucial now that we educate ourselves about the online communities and tools to remain in connection with one another as a population. Phone and video calling, messages throughout the day to check on neighbors and friends, and focusing on the things we CAN control in our lives are vital. Along with communication, let's not forget to prioritize our basic needs:

- SLEEP: As hard as it may be, try to keep a healthy and regular sleep schedule.

- NUTRITION AND HYDRATION: Eat meals, drink water, and avoid alcohol or other substances that may be difficult to moderate in a time stuck at home.

- EXERCISE: Get outside! Walk your yard, walk your neighborhood. Use that home gym equipment that's been collecting dust since you bought it. Check out some online Yoga classes on YouTube.

And finally, yes YOU CAN schedule to talk to a professional to help you through this difficult time, Reach out today to schedule an online Telehealth session to help you on this journey.

Together, we can come through this stronger.

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