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Hey, Rocket Man, Let's Get You Grounded

In a world where way too many issues are demanding of our attention in the same day, often at the same time, it’s no wonder that medical professionals are seeing higher rates of stress and #anxiety in our population making a significant impact on daily life. While medication from your physician may be the right solution for some, there are many skills you can learn in a #therapy session that can be a game changer when put into practice during your #stressful work week.

In my practice, I like to give people tangible tools that they can utilize throughout their week in between sessions – as well as for years to come once their counseling is complete.

#Mindfulness is a big “key word” in our society today but what exactly is “mindfulness” and how do we achieve it? While the Oxford dictionary defines mindful as conscious or aware of something; focusing one's #awareness on the present moment, especially as part of a therapeutic or meditative technique; inclined or willing to do something – I would personally sum it up in a word: peace. We can’t get that from a medication!

Mind Full or Mindful?

One thing to keep in mind is that mindfulness is a state of being, therefore it is temporary, and intentionally accomplished. We cannot be mindful by accident, our brains are not wired that way and this world we live in certainly wouldn’t allow it of us. Secondly, mindfulness is a Practice, something that is never mastered but can be improved upon over time

There are many ways to Practice Mindfulness, by engaging in what is called grounding techniques. I’d like to share with you one of my favorite grounding techniques that I teach – and use – everyday! This method involves your Five Senses and can be done anywhere at anytime without the need for any material items.

How To

It’s simple, but not always easy, to become grounded using your five senses. You will be counting down from five, and with each number identifying what your body is aware of with that sense.

FIVE – 5 things you can see

FOUR – 4 things you can touch

THREE – 3 things you can hear

TWO – 2 things you can smell

ONE – 1 thing you can taste

Simple right? You got this! I always recommend practicing this strategy when things are not in a heightened state of stress, since the brain is a muscle (see previous blog post) and it is more likely to recall the skill when needed after much practice.

Try this strategy for twenty-one days and let me know the difference you feel in your state of being. Your mind with thank you!

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