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Finding The Right Therapist

The most common response I get in my office to therapy not being successful in the past is related to the therapist not being the right fit.

Many people who experience seasons in life where counseling may be helpful might not know where to begin the process of seeking help. They may have had counseling in the past that was not beneficial, leaving a negative connotation with the experience. Or, they may have anxieties surrounding what they will be asked or made to talk about in a session. Either way, one main detail is often being overlooked: Who is the right fit for me?

Do Your Research

Whether you are Googling, searching on PsychologyToday.Com, or taking suggestions from your neighbor or close friends, it is always important to do some research. Most counselors and therapists have a website, Psychology Today Profile, Blog, or Social Media feed that will give you a little insight into who they are as a person. What areas do they specialize in? Do they appear to have knowledge and passion about some of the issues you are dealing with?

Maybe you can find someone who has some things in common with you - a therapist that shares in your spiritual beliefs, hobbies or other walks of life will probably feel like a better fit for you than someone who shares no commonalities at all.

Conduct Your Interview

Don't be afraid to have a list of questions when you call. Some common questions we may get on an initial phone call may be Do you work with many single women? or Have you treated a child as young as mine? Professionals aren't afraid to answer questions about their work experience or areas of expertise, so don't hesitate to ask your questions.

Give It Time

Finally, you'll want to give it some time. As my mentor in graduate school always told us: Trust the process. It may take two or three appointments before you can really make a determination of whether or not you are with the right professional. Many people "throw in the towel" too soon, attending a few sessions but never seeing the treatment through.

Trust The Process. And don't ever give up on YOU.

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