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Financial Resources for Therapy Services

It has been shown in the research that almost everyone reaches a point in their life where they wonder if a professional can help them overcome a hardship or manage a life stressor that inevitably presents itself. Whether or not they realize it, they may already have a plan in place with their health insurance policy or their employer to be prepared for such times.

Many licensed therapists are set up - or "credentialed" - to accept health insurance policies. When this is the case with your health insurance carrier, your appointments with a therapist are usually no different than an appointment with you physician. You may be responsible for a Copay, or - in the event you have a deductible plan - your payments for counseling sessions will be applied to that deductible. Knowing this can help you plan for your medical care throughout the year.

Another great option for financial resources for therapy may be through your EAP - Employee Assistance Program - through your employer's HR department. Now, I know what you may be thinking... "Work can't know about THIS!". Well, you're right, they can't. You're covered by confidentiality laws through your HR department just like you are with HIPAA when it comes to your mental health. All you have to ask is for the 800 number to your EAP and information goes no further than that.

No EAP? No health insurance right now? That's OK too. Many folks choose to

take advantage of the Cash pay rates - sometimes called a "Reduced Fee" - at their counselor's office. This option c

an easily be accomplished through a conversation with the counselor about what their Self-Pay policies are to work out an arrangement that works for the both of you.

In the end, counseling should never be a financial hardship. Most folks in this line of work are happy to work with you on these and other resources to help cover your cost of services. Don't let the concern for your finances stop you from getting the help you need.

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