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Control Freaks

Control Freaks. You know we're out there. The backseat drivers. The helicopter parents. The nagging spouse or the bossy co-workers.

The term "anxiety" has been overused to the point where it is now an understatement in today's society. Symptoms of anxiety disorders often present in the ways as described above, or often much worse. For those living with anxiety, being the passenger in the car may mean frightening images of a wreck about to happen. Watching your child play on the playground convinced she will fall and break her arm. Fear of being evicted until you triple check that your spouse paid the rent... the list of worst-case-scenarios can go on and on.

For those with true anxiety, the fears are very real, and always present. Living with this invisible disorder can be disabling, but there is hope. That hope often starts with those around them. Instead of criticism, name-calling, or over-looking, oftentimes a little validation can go a long way. It takes the same effort to offer support and reassurance as it does to invalidate or belittle. Contact my team today to learn more about anxiety, it's impact on loved ones, and how you can be a part of the solution!

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