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Welcome!  I am an experienced licensed mental health clinician with thirteen years experience treating a wide variety of emotional, cognitive, and spiritual battles.  The therapeutic relationship is the key to progress and success in counseling, and I look forward to building that relationship with you!

Why Telehealth?

With over 90% of our lives spent online for everything from paying bills to dating, it's no surprise that our healthcare now be available via the Internet as well. Telehealth has been a viable option for healthcare for some time now, and with the recent outbreak of COVID19, people are in need now more than ever for services and support available in the safety of their own homes. With the flexibility in scheduling and no need for commuting to appointments, many people are seeing the advantages that telehealth counseling has to offer. Telehealth can even be covered by your major health insurance carrier. 


Carolyn Hewett

I grew up in suburban Chicago and moved to Wilmington, NC to attend undergrad and graduate school at the University of North Carolina. Along with counseling I am actively involved in my church community, running community, and raising two children. 



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