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Licensed Clinical Social Worker

and Certified Life Coach 

with seventeen years of

experience treating a variety

of emotional, cognitive,

and spiritual battles. 

Telehealth Opportunities for Psychotherapy 

With over 90% of our lives spent online for everything from paying bills to dating, it's no surprise that our healthcare now be available via the Internet as well.  With the flexibility in scheduling and no need for commuting to appointments, many people are seeing the advantages that telehealth counseling has to offer. Telehealth can be covered by your major health insurance carrier and are available to all residents of North Carolina.  

Face to Face In Person Services

For people living in the local Wilmington vicinity and Southeastern North Carolina, I am available occasionally for  in-office sessions.  I offer Walk Therapy sessions on local coastal walking trails when appropriate, to encourage and promote physical exercise as mental healthcare.  

Life Coaching Services

Personal Life Coaching sessions offered to clients located anywhere in the country! Through the process of coaching, clients deepen their learning, improve their performance, and enhance their quality of life. Life coaching is not covered by insurance as it carries no medical diagnosis and is forward focused and goal oriented. 


Individual sessions and pre-paid packages offered!


Carolyn Miller

Carolyn received her Masters in Social Work at the University of North Carolina in coastal Wilmington. She is a licensed clinical social worker and certified life coach with the goal of promoting health and wellness for individuals in the form that serves them the best. Individualized treatment and coaching plans are geared to your individual needs for the most successful outcome from your work together.

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